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We begin our ritual by inviting you to change into the ceremonial vestments provided. If required, please follow the onscreen guide in how to correctly enrobe and take a seat, those able to do so begin in the kukkutasana position, otherwise kneel or recline however feels comfortable for you. Breathe in deeply of the smoke from the censer, which taking the form of a kirin is filled with 50 bespoke incense sticks, and focus your attention on the heavy scent. Fill your lungs. Your outward breath should soon harmonise with that of the other ceremony attendees and you will notice your heart begin to beat in tune with those around you.

As the ritual enters its introductory phase, the space will be sealed off and you will be drawn, via the digitised show footage now being screened, into a solemn, meditative state. Serenity. Unity. Using full body scans, the figures you will witness have been animated to walk an illusory, immaterial runway, breaking apart notions of reality and unreality to split apart the conscious mind and lift you from the limitations of the physical body.

Visions of archaic Chinese deities, identifiable by the gently smouldering lamps they bear, signal the next stage of the ceremony. Forming a collage of anachronistic elements, the garments worn by the onscreen gurus meld the clno.sical with the futuristic and bring about an accord between all cultures present and all those past. Skirts or tunics, inspired by universal liturgical dress, are topped with funnel-necked racers, outsized V-neck knits and hanfu shirts. Pieces come embellished with strings of beads and finished with naïf cartoon graphics and textual prints covering lab boots, wood-soled geta and monk slippers wom with jade rings and pendants. Interchangeable metallic talismans pierce accessories, aiding in your connection to the worldwide consciousness and your fellow man.

The following and final section of the ritual forces you to turn away from the internal self and look instead to external forces, linking you with the organic order of our living planet. Be peaceful. Rebalancing the scales between the mechanical and our true natural existences, allow yourself to be plugged in and accept the message of techno-ecology - two apparently disparate notions working together and neither one correlating with the deterioration of the other. Feel the earth breathe along with all of us, we are all one system.


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