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Base notes:  White Tobacco, Milk
Heart notes:  Sandalwood, Coconut Oil
Dates Top notes:  Green Vanilla, White Vanilla

About this item

Eau De Parfum 100ML
Made in France
Refurbished Packaging 26mm x 19.5mm x 5.5mm


Soft is the anti-perfume. Sensual and primal, crafted to reveal the body's natural scent rather than mask it, Soft evokes the smell of a lover's skin. Ancient oils known for their aphrodisiac properties come together with the highest grade vanilla and sandalwood, creating a unity inspired by intimacy and sexuality.

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About Hitchhiker

Founded in 2018, Hitchhiker is a lifestyle experience space, passionated about discovering and promoting innovative contemporary fashion concepts.

Inspiration & mission

The store is named after Douglas Adams’ iconic fictional novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, whose core storyline is about searching the ultimate answer fo life and the Universe. With his postmodernist nihilism as the inner logic and language of absurdity as the key tone, the author gave us a specious answer, and totally challenged our limited perspective. What really matters is, however, the process to embrace novelty, weirdness, and the incomprehensible immerse, and the answer itself actually became a fake proposition. Hitchhiker absorbed the metaphysical spirit of this book. In the sense of style, the boutique doesn’t give answers, cause it won’t make any sense. The one and only protagonist will be the Hitchhikers themselves, hence our customers.

By serving as a vessel, a spaceship, or anything one may like to call, the Hitchhiker store is aiming to help our customer to dig out their very own style and experience new adventure in the fashion universe.

Hop on our ride!

Hitchhiker store will not merely be a hub of ongoing fashion trends and items, it always offers something above the expectation. With a professional team consist of stylist, photographer, film maker, PR etc, Hitchhiker hopes to link the individual fashionistas and designers to the fashion realm of Milan and have as much fun as it can offer.

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